TD5 Remapping

Storm Tuning Rotherham TD5
Storm Tuning Rotherham TD5

Why remap a TD5?

The TD5 engine is one of the most tunable engines built by Land Rover, and is the only engine designed and built by Land Rover (the Storm engine).  Factory fuel maps must cover a wide range of uses, emissions specifications and global territories.  Therefore a remap will offer substantial improvement within the safe limits of the vehicle.

The Storm treatment

Twinwoods 4×4 have teamed up with Storm Tuning allowing us to offer market leading remapping services to customers with Land Rover TD5 Engines.  Vehicles age differently and as such off-the-shelf maps are not always ideally suited. Storm Tuning remaps are bespoke to you and your vehicle and can be customised depending on the vehicles application, for example a towing vehicle or a full time off roader.  Storm Tuning are a British company based in Rotherham and unlike other tuning companies Storm work solely on TD5 powered vehicles.

How does it work?

To begin with speak to either us or Storm Tuning about your requirements.  When you come in to us your vehicle will be given a visual inspection, diagnostics check and road test, including data logging, prior to any remapping work.  If you are in any doubt about the condition of the vehicle we can also offer an in-depth physical vehicle inspection at additional cost.  We keep several “known good” TD5 sensors handy for testing purposes, should we find anything wrong with yours.  We also carry these items in stock in our shop should you wish to replace anything while you are here.  Regarding the Mass Air Flow sensor (or MAF) it is common now for this to be mapped out so you do not need to have a functioning MAF, just leave it unplugged.

Once we are happy we will then begin the remapping process.  We take precautions during this process, such as connecting the vehicle to a stable power supply and creating a backup of your existing fuel map.  Once the new map is loaded, we will go for a test drive with you.  If you would like any changes, then these will be made until you are 100% happy.

When you leave you will have a smile on your face and a much more efficient vehicle.

For more information please contact us, or you can contact Storm Tuning directly via Facebook.

How much does it cost?

The cost of remapping is £285.00+VAT.  Alternatively you can book and pay direct through Storm Tuning.

Please note that all visits to our workshop must be pre-booked.

What physical modifications do you need?

There are limits to what can be done with software alone, below are details for what is needed to additional power.  We keep most items required in stock and offer a fitting service should you wish.

This is a software only remap and no physical modifications are required.  Around 150-160bhp would normally be achieved, a noticeable improvement particularly in throttle response.  This is how they should have come out the factory!

This is the most popular fuel map.  In order for it to be effective you will need to remove the EGR and catalytic converter, both of which are restrictions.  We would expect around 170-180bhp with this fuel map and modifications.  We would also recommend an uprated intercooler, although later Discovery 2’s (15P onwards) have larger intercoolers as standard.

With automatics the torque is limited 380Nm which is the rated torque limit of the ZFHP22 box.  It is particularly important with automatics to ensure the gearbox oil is in good condition.

This requires the EGR and catalytic converter removing.  Additionally an uprated MAP sensor needs to be installed, an uprated clutch and unrestricted intake (no snorkels).  A full size uprated intercooler is required (we recommend Airtec/Serck/Allisport).  We would expect 200-210bhp from this fuel map and modifications.

Same as the Stage 3 but with a VNT or hybrid turbo and a fuel map to match.  We would expect around 220-230bhp but the biggest gain here is the wide torque range.  Storm Tuning offer a range of turbos to suit various applications.

Estimated BHP figures will vary from vehicle to vehicle.  Wheel size and gearing will affect results massively.

As well as modifications it is important not to forget routine maintenance, and not just the engine.  Having a vehicle remapped will put additional stress on the drivetrain as well as the engine.  Check your bushes, UJ’s, propshafts and differentials and make sure the whole drivetrain has fresh good quality oils.  Any existing weaknesses will soon make themselves known – these vehicles came out the factory with just 120bhp (Defender) and 136bhp (Discovery), depending on your fuel map and modifications you could be almost doubling these figures!  If you need any assistance in preparing your vehicle for a remap then speak to us and we can help.  All remaps are within the safe limits of a well maintained vehicle.


Don't just take our word for it!

"Just been this morning to get my td5 tuned and what a difference very happy great guy would happily recommend you give them a shout for your Land Rover needs 👍🏼"
"excellent service and extremely knowledgeable, Tom has been at the end of the phone multiple times helping me sort problems with my td5 discovery, had parts I needed on the shelf ! I have a stage 2 remap done By Tom and what a massive difference it made! if you need parts, advice or a remap then i 100% recommended using twinwoods 👍"