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TW001 Wurth Uprated TD5 Manifold Studs Kit

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Full set of 10 genuine Würth extended 8.8 grade studs with 10 copper flashed nuts 10 M8 stainless washers for your Defender or Discovery 2 TD5 exhaust manifold.  These TD5 manifold studs are made from 8.8 grade steel.

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A warped exhaust manifold on the TD5 engine is a common problem, and an almost certainty on tuned vehicles. These heavy duty TD5 manifold studs are made from much stronger steel than the Land Rover ones making them far less likely to snap and are also slightly longer to help with heat dissipation.

  • Set of 10 TD5 manifold studs equivalent to Land Rover part number TE108052L
  • 10 x copper flashed nuts equivalent to Land Rover part number LR019197
  • 10 x M8 stainless washers

If you have drilled out and replaced any studs with M10 we can also supply the same grade Wurth studs in M10, just leave a note at checkout letting us know how many M10 studs you need and we will replace them, including M10 nuts and washers.

Genuine Wurth products imported directly from Germany by us.  These TD5 studs have been fully tested by us and are a superior product.  Our TD5 manifold studs are 8.8 grade steel stamped with “8.8” on one end of each stud, unlike other “uprated studs” currently available which are 5.8 grade steel (stamped with only a G on the end of each stud).

Studs are to be torqued to 25 Nm as per workshop manual.  These studs are stronger but they are still only an M8 stud!  We recommend cleaning the the threads in the head with an M8 tap  prior to fitting.

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