TYB100080 ZF Automatic Sump Fill Plug – D2 – RR P38 – PR2 CORTECO

Code: TYB100080

Automatic Gearbox Sump Filler Plug with copper washer – Corteco


Nearly gone! - 2 left (can be back ordered)

Nearly gone! - 2 left (can be back ordered)


Corteco / Gaco

Corteco is the aftermarket brand of the Freudenberg Group. Fruedenberg is a company with 170 years of history. Originally founded in 1849 as a leather tannery, it wasn't until 1932 when Freudenburg entered the seal business. In 1957, Freudenburg first got involved in vibration control technology by engineering and manufacturing shock absorbers and bushings under the name Matalastik. In the same year, Freudenburg entered a partnership with Italian seal manufacturer Corte & Cosso. This partnership is where the Corteco name came from. In fact, the name Corteco in Italian is the term used for sealing ring or rotating shaft.

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